About The Program

The Social Impact Initiative is a place for Jewish teens and young adults from all backgrounds to learn the tools, skills, and get the mentorship that will empower them to become successful business leaders and social entrepreneurs that can effectuate change in the world. 

We have opened enrollment to select students, and you’ll have the unique opportunity to join our online events and meet super successful business and community leaders who are making a difference in the world.

Is This For Me?

This course is for you if you want to...

  • Meet successful business and community leaders 
  • Turn your idea for a business or community project into reality 
  • Learn how you can impact others to make a difference in the world
  • Learn how to be successful in school or your career


  • Free enrollment with early access to our advanced program
  • Meet like-minded young leaders 
  • Work hands-on with our mentors to turn your great idea into reality 
  • Learn from today’s top social entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Earn a cash micro-grant to help launch your idea
  • Invite a friend or two to join you on your journey



"This course is very inspirational and informative. It gives a whole new perspective on what success is really about. ~Aviva S.

"The course was incredible and left me thinking of ways I can help others and not just walk away from the problems of the world ... was really done so well!"  ~Don K.

“I didn't realize how important belief was- I always thought that to only have belief wasn't enough. However, I failed to recognize that belief triggers further elements of the cycle which will then enable you to accomplish your goals.”  ~Daniella K. 

"This course not only showed me the skills necessary to start a business but also important lessons for life." ~Shira M

"It has changed my view of failure from being something that halts success to something that creates it."  ~Shimon S.

“After going through this program I am inclined to: make a difference in the world, learn more, join an existing cause."  ~Miriam T.

”I now understand the power of my beliefs. The belief cycle has taught me that belief can lead to extraordinary achievements. I believe that with a more positive mental state I can achieve more and not let any obstacles undermine the power of my belief."  ~Freddie B.

"This course has boosted my confidence and given me a lot of very valuable information that I wouldn't get elsewhere." ~Mazal Z.

"I now realize that failure is not such a bad thing and does not just have negative consequences. Instead, it's a time to evaluate and a time where you have the most potential to succeed." ~Sammy D.  

“I never believed in online learning, but I believe in this and see with the right speakers, viewers can be engaged, learn, and grow."  ~Avi K.


Max Feber is a 21 year old entrepreneur who got a deal with Mark Cuban on season 10 of Shark Tank. He's currently in business school and simultaneously runs his own coffee company BRUW.

Orly Wahba started a non-profit called Life Vest Inside. She runs kindness programs in 50+ countries and her kindness boomerang film  has bee seen by over 100 million people. 


Joe Teplow is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who sold his company RebelMail for millions and started which encourages people to become a philanthropist with as little as one quarter a day.

At the age of 6, Dylan Siegel wrote a book to raise money to help his best friend who was suffering from a rare liver disease. He raised almost $2 million and a pharmaceutical company invested $100 million into a cure which is now in clinical trials.


Adina Lichtman is the founder of Knock Knock Give a Sock. She's collected over 1 million socks for homeless people. Adina also brings corporate executives together with homeless people creating a meaningful dialogue.


Eli Beer is the founder and president of United Hatzalah. He has reimagined first response by training EMT volunteers to respond to local calls using ambucycles to keep people alive until official help arrives.


Yehuda Kaploun is the President of Watergen USA, an Israeli based company  that creates drinking water from thin air. In recent years, their water trucks have been to every major disaster zone in the world including the 9/11 rescue efforts.


Edward Karan leads the Professional Services Group at 
Citi Private Bank
. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Hebrew Free Loan Society, a nonprofit microfinance organization that has provided interest-free loans.



Got a great idea that can change the world?